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Guaranteed Poker Tournaments

All  big poker websites regularly hold guaranteed tournaments because so many players are attracted by the possibility of making big money. The competition is those can be tough, but it does not take a pro to end in the money. You do need to have a basic idea about tournament strategy though, but nowadays you can find strategy infos online very easily, and studying a bit will give you a good shot at one of the  guaranteed prizes. On the other hand, consider which type of tourney you want to play and which poker room to choose.

What does guaranteed Poker Tournament mean

There can be different sorts of poker tournaments with guaranteed prizes.  The common denominator is that they all start with thousands of dollars in the prize pool before the first player has signed up for the tournament. A $10,000 prize guarantee means that this is the minimum amount that will be shed out to the winners, no many how many players show up. And often times, the final prize will be much higher because the prize guarantee attracts more players to join.

Size of the Prize Pot

The final prize of a guaranteed is determined by the buy-in and the number of registered players. Although the poker room guarantees a minimum, there may be a bigger prize reached at the end. And sometimes, the number of registrations does not correspond to the prize pool, creating what is called an overlay - meaning that you end up playing versus a smaller number of players, which improves your own odds to end up in the money.

The Competition

What you should be looking for is a guaranteed tournament with weak competition. That does depend on your own skills of course. Mostly, at the start of a guaranteed poker tournament you will see that there are lots of fish still in the game. Those will help you to build a stack. Then, as the tournament reaches the final stages, the survivors will tend to be better players, but you probably also have some insight in their game which you casn use to your advantage. Be sure to adapt your strategy according to the phase of the tournament in order to cash in!

Which Guaranteed Poker Tournaments to play

It is relatively easy to find good guaranteed poker tournaments. But the best guaranteed poker tournaments can be found at poker rooms like 888 and Party Poker . Both are poker rooms with excellent reputation and they have guarantees with nice prizes and lots of weak and fishy players joining those tournaments. Since both 888 and Party Poker have a lot of players they can afford offering large sums of guaranteed money.

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