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Why and how to delete poker cookies from your hard drive?

Whenever you go to a poker site, the site sends a cookie (that is a file used for the visitor's identification) to your hard drive. For a poker player, that can be a problem: Since your first visit, you are tracked with a specific bonus deal. The next time you visit the site and download the most recent software, but because of the old cookie you can't be certain that you also get the new bonus. The outdated cookie may block you from getting any bonus whatsoever. Also don't forget that the computer you are using might have been also used by someone else who may have visited the poker website before.
For a poker room that does not use a bonus code, but sometimes even for rooms who do offer bonus codes, you have to delete the cookies on your harddrive before installing. If the poker software is installed already, you must deinstall it, erase the cookies, then re-download the software.
It's a good idea to erase existing cookies often times anyway, if only to keep your computer working faster.

Whatever you have come to the poker room for, you should make sure to get the latest and highest bonus. Before installing the poker software, delete the cookies from your hard drive and then use one of the download links from our site. Our links are constantly updated, so you can be sure of the maximum bonus.

If your poker room asks you to enter a bonus code when you are about to make the first real money deposit, then you must not only uninstall the software and delete cookies, but go even further and create a new player account after clicking a recent link like the ones you can find on our site.  The poker rooms don't have any problems with creating a new player account for real money, even if you already have a play money account. However, you must choose  a different user / player name and a different email address for this purpose.

Uninstalling the poker software and  deleting cookies

Poker software uninstall:
Start "System Preferences" and choose "Software Deinstallation. Once you see the list of software products installed on your computer, find the poker software and uninstall it.

Delete Cookies for MS Internet Explorer:
In the top menu, go to Tools, then Internet Options and use the button saying "Delete Cookies".

Deleting cookies in Mozilla's Firefox:
In the top menu click Tools, then Settings and after that click on "Privacy". After that, click to select "Delete Cookies".
Click Tools / Options, then find the tab "Privacy" and click it, after that "Show Cookies" and then either choose to "Remove all my cookies", or if you want you can just search for the specific cookie of your poker room and delete this one only)