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This is an introduction to what kind of Sit and Go formats are available online. For info about SNG strategy, please check the submenus.

Poker Sit and Go’s are the game of choice for poker players that are time poor. These types of poker tournaments have gained a lot of popularity online for various reasons, one of which is the fact that many players who prefer to play tournaments don’t have the time to register for a tournament, only to have to wait a few days before it actually starts.

Instead, when it comes to playing poker sit and go tournaments online, simply register for a SNG and you can be playing in minutes. Unlike in poker cash games, where players are permitted to buy-in for the minimum or typically as much as 100 big blinds, when playing a Sit and Go tournament all players begin the tournament with an equal number of chips.

Sit and Go's For All Players

However, similar to cash games, there are different stakes of poker sit and go tourneys to suit players of all skill levels and bankrolls. For a total poker beginner who is new to playing sit and go’s, they can choose to play in the $1 sit and go tournaments online, without being required to risk much whilst still learning the game.

SNG Formats

Poker Sit and Go tournaments can be played in different formats, which as a new SNG player, is something you will need to be aware of. They’re are also called ‘freeze-out’ or ‘knockout’ tournaments, which are for the most part only played online. In these types of sit and go tournaments, players who are knocked out are not allowed to rebuy with more chips back to return to the game.

Not only that, but poker sit and go tournaments online consist of varying sized player fields, with the smallest SNG’s having 9 players. These tend to be running 24/7 on the popular sit and go poker sites and they fill up rather quickly.

Regardless of your skill level, poker sit and go’s are a great way to get started with the game of poker and you should always play at stakes that you can afford and stakes that will not have an impact on the way you play.

Up The Aggression!

Whatever the stakes you play, you need to get aggressive! It is going to be difficult winning a sit and go without having chips to play with. Playing cautiously to prevent getting eliminated only to get blinded out in the later levels is not how you win poker sit and go tournaments online. When you are playing the final table, and you have a commanding chip stack, you will have a great chance to take down the first prize money for the SNG by bullying the smaller stacks at the table.

Best Poker Sit and Go

One of the most popular Sit and Go games are the jackpot SNGs at 888. If you are fortunate enough to win a few poker sit and go tournaments in a row you win the jackpot! Click here to play at 888 Poker with Bonus Code COACH.