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Winning the El Gordo Lotto

If you live in Spain then you need no explanation of what the El Gordo Lottery is. However if you live elsewhere in Europe then there is a good chance you may not have heard of it. The El Gordo Lottery is usually used to refer to the lottery draw that occurs every Christmas in Spain. El Gordo, meaning 'the big one' boasts the largest jackpot of any lottery in the world, where if all tickets are sold the prize winnings total 2.1 billion Euros. The draw is a huge event in Spain, with more than 98% of the population participating. What makes it so popular isn't just the incredibly jackpot on offer but also a large amount of lower money prizes, which you have a reasonable chance of winning.

The El Gordo Lottery has been a part of Spanish culture since 1812 and remains the county's most popular lottery by far. Though most people will think of the Christmas draw they hear El Gordo, there are actually 5 other El Gordo draws throughout the year. These take place between January and November, and although they don't have the same jackpot as the Christmas draw they still offer huge rewards when compared with other lotteries as well as very attainable lower prizes. These additional El Gordo draws offer much more changes to win than the Christmas draw and give participants an extremely high chance of 1in 3 of winning any cash prize.

What makes the Christmas El Gordo Draw so unique is not just the huge jackpot on offer but also the way tickets are sold. One individual ticket for the El Gordo lottery costs 200 Euros. Whilst this might seem incredibly expensive, they are not usually purchased by one individual. Whole tickets are divided up into 'decimos' (tenths) with individuals usually purchasing one decimo per ticket. It is very common for families to purchase a whole ticket between them, sharing the winnings they may receive. It isn't necessary to purchase all the decimos on a ticket at one time, however. You are able to purchase only one decimo on any ticket, with all the remaining decimos being purchased by other members of the public.

Because of this unique way of selling tickets the El Gordo Draw not only has a huge jackpot but also huge interest because of so many people participating. It is a national event in Spain and one many families see as being part of the Christmas festivities. For a long time, participating in the El Gordo draw meant you had to live in Spain so you could purchase a ticket. However this is no longer the case. Sites such as Wintrillions have opened up the opportunity for people worldwide to participate in one of most exciting and unique lotteries there is.