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In the following article we will look at texas holdem poker and why it is considered by many to be the “Cadillac of poker”.

There are many variants of poker, most played with a 52-card deck. Some poker variants have community cards while others don’t. But we’re not here to talk about other variants like stud poker that was popular back in the 90’s

Nowadays the game of choice for avid poker players is the most popular card game no limit holdem, and everyone is looking to Play Texas Holdem Poker at casinos or home games across the world.

Different Formats of Texas Hold'em

The beauty of playing Texas Holdem poker games, whether it is played in home games, live/online tournaments, or cash games for very high stakes, is that during any betting round there is the potential to bet your whole stack to put your opponent to the ultimate test.

The Thrill of Bluffing

The thrill of playing no-limit holdem isn’t so much only waiting for premium hands but the excitement of making well time bluffs and winning with the worst of it. Since you have the ability to make big bets in this variation of Texas Holdem your bluffing attempts are going to work a lot more often, since the amount the other players involved in the hand have to call can be significantly more.

Poker really is a game about making the most correct decisions. This includes reading your opponents to know how strong they are. Considering that you only get to see your own two cards and the community cards, there are many pieces to the puzzle that you have to figure out.

If you can sense weakness in your opponent, in that they may be on a missed draw or they caught a piece of the board but don’t really like their hand much, then you have the opportunity to bluff them out of the pot, regardless of what you have. You have the all in play in texas holdem, so take advantage of it!

Skill and Reading Your Opponents

How to play Texas Holdem poker really is the perfect balance between skill of the game and lack of information. One way to get better reads on your opponents is to analyse your opponents’ betting patterns. Do they really tell the correct story? Also consider if they are actually capable of bluffing. Some players will never bluff and only bet when they have got it.

These are some of the main reason so many players have taken a liking to play texas holdem - the “Cadillac of poker”, and especially the no limit texas holdem poker variation, where you can move all in pre-flop or post-flop. You may be the best Omaha player in the world, but in order to be a great No Limit Texas Holdem champion, you have to test your skills against some of the best texas holdem players in live major tournaments and in the high stakes cash game online poker world.

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