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In the 90’s the card game of choice was 7-card stud poker. Today that credit goes to No Limit Texas Hold‘em that is the most popular variation of poker that has been sweeping through homes and casinos all around the world.

Not only can you find No Limit Poker tables inside poker rooms at any land-based casino, but also in home games being played amongst friends and work colleagues. No Limit Poker’s popularity surged in the early 2000’s, and this was largely attributed to the exposure the game received on television.

And the effect of the No Limit Poker boom wasn’t just seen at casinos or home games. You only have to look at the popularity of online poker nowadays. With the possibilities of playing high stakes poker online or if it is just for a bit of fun, playing the game of no limit poker couldn’t be anymore easier.

If you fire up the games lobby of any popular online poker room, the most popular poker game by far is No Limit Holdem. This variant of the game has basic rules to follow and can be played in the typical full ring tables with up to 10 players, 6-max tables, or heads-up tables.

This Statement Sums Up No Limit Poker

WPT host, poker ambassador, and professional poker player Mike Sexton made a comment about the game, which sums it up perfectly. He said, "No Limit Texas Holdem takes a minute to learn, but a lifetime to master".

Whilst you can learn the no limit poker rules in a matter of minutes, there are many subtitles to learn to get really good at the game, which can only be learned with experience. Knowing about pre-flop strategy of only playing premium hands is great to learn the game, but will only take you so far if you want to win a lot of money.

The All-In Play

Also, consider you can risk your whole stack at any one time and get sucked out in even when you get your chips in the middle as a huge favorite, these setbacks can be difficult o deal with, especially when you just start playing. Hence why the game of No Limit can take so long to master.

However, by playing poker online, you have the opportunity to play multiple tables at one time to learn the game quicker then what you would have playing at a casino. Of course, you can also play the play money tables if you didn’t want to risk real money for the time being until you have confidence in your game. By playing lower stakes games then what you can afford, it also allows you to try new strategies to see how successful they are in mastering the game.

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