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If you want to be successful at playing Heads up poker then one thing is for certain, you should read up on a lot of information about this format of the game and find out some quick tips to help you out. When you are playing HU games, it’s just you and your opponent, so any mistakes that are made are amplified. Read these tips closely.

Observe Your Opponents Every Move

When you are playing Heads up poker pay close attention to the other player. Even though when you are playing online you don't have the opportunity to watch their face, however, just because you can't see the actual player doesn't mean you can't pickup on stuff. There are all kinds of clues people give away when they have a bad hand and sometimes they get nervous and might make a wrong move fast. If they are doing a lot of mistakes it usually means that they are either new and might not know what they are doing or either that they have a bad hand and might just want to get out of the game.

Open Raise Your Premium Hands

Some of the hands that you might decide to raise in Heads up poker include QQ, AQ and the AK. Most of the time players decide to raise the pot when they have these hands. However, don't always be so quick to raise the same amount all the time to avoid revealing the strength of your hand due to betting patterns. The reason why people tend to do this a lot is because they do it subconsciously and it could end up causing them problems later on in the game. Aggressive players might not care if they have a bad hand and they are still willing to bet strong. Just don't try to bet against an aggressive opponent if you know that you can induce them into bluffing. Though you can still win pots even with a bad hand if you pay close attention.

Heads Up Poker Can Get Heated

Sometimes Heads up poker might not work out for you and if you find yourself uncomfortable and just feeling stressed during the game then you might want to think about doing other games such as sit and go games so that way you can come and go as you please and won't have to worry about getting stressed out much. However, a lot of money can be won in Heads up poker and that's one of the many reasons as to why its so popular.

In Heads Up Poker Tilt Less Then The Other Player

Heads up poker is sometimes based on luck and what cards the players gets, even more so when both players are competent. Sometimes it's also all about just watching the other player. Don't get discouraged if you get bad hands when you first start playing poker. Keep on trying and think positive when playing poker because when you are playing with just one other person then you'll need to make sure that you stay even more positive and not get distracted in the game. If you find yourself getting discouraged then go and have a break after the game before you decide to join in on the next one because most poker sites online have these kinds of games going on around the clock and so whenever you feel refreshed you can just join in and play until you are satisfied with your winnings.

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